Picture their faces: Those who’ve crossed my (travel) path

With curiosity in her eyes she watched my every move, deep into the lens of my camera. At the Drass market, where we stopped for tea and biscuits.  Jammu and Kashmir, India, 24 September 2009.



The only moment (perhaps) when her gaze was not fixed on me. The procession of goats from the upper, chilly regions to the warmer climes of Jammu held more enigma than a 20-odd-year-old girl whose interest lay elsewhere. Jammu and Kashmir, India, 24 September 2009.


What lies ahead, beyond? Lost in thoughts. While crossing the busy, narrow lanes of Varanasi. Uttar Pradesh, India, 12 March 2011.


Intent in his eyes. While the child, playing hide and seek with his grandmother, got easily distracted at the Mussoorrie Mall. Uttarakhand, India, 2 January 2010.


Who’s watching whom exactly? At Mussoorie. Uttarakhand, India, 2 January 2010.


Preparing for the siesta on the lawns at Sarnath. Uttar Pradesh, India, 13 March 2011.


This pesky kid at the Faculty of Arts, University of Delhi, ran after me to get herself photographed. But the moment I focused her she turned shy! Delhi, India, 2 January 2004.


Basking in the warmth on a chilly afternoon at the Mussoorie Mall. Uttarakhand, India, 2 January 2010.


Our very own Kashmir ki Kali posing for her shutterbug while afloat the Dal Lake. Jammu and Kashmir, India, 12 April 2011.


A guard keeping a strict watch at the Karnak temple. Egypt, 28 August 2016.


What’s the matter down there –  she seems to be wondering. Our visit to this tea factory in Nuwara Eliya apparently disrupted the machine-like life of the workers. Sri Lanka, 26 January 2017.

All photographs © Madhula Banerji


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